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The Bounty Collection by Wyoming Stuyvesant Floral

The Bounty Collection derives its inspiration from earth and field, the wheat and sunflowers of late summer accented by the delphinium growing in the garden and aster growing on the path. From the pages of the Funeral and Cremation Portfolio of Wyoming Stuyvesant: Expressions of love, respect, and honor come in infinite forms, but flowers have served to represent those sentiments for centuries. All over the world, flowers are used in different ways and in varying designs to pay tribute.

They provide a tactile and visual memorial that is universally recognized. While creating this portfolio, our focus was to design floral tributes with geography in mind, specifically West Michigan. What floral designs would represent how our community celebrates the life well-lived? We set out to use flowers to evoke feeling and feature forward-thinking designs that are meaningful and serve a greater purpose, at the same time remaining mindful of the traditions, rituals, and customs and how those values are evolving. Within this portfolio are examples of our designs that have incorporated portraits, photographs, mementos, and artifacts. The inclusion of these items can transform flowers into something more personal, more consequential. Tailoring a floral design to incorporate these types of item is one way to convey what was important to a life, favorite book, a musical instrument, a bible can all add meaning. While creating the layout, we made a conscience decision that no matter the style of service, the floral collections found within the portfolio should be adaptable to the type of service. Whether a casket, urn, or portrait will be present at the service, all the collections represent a variety of choices tailored to different service style.